Developed by Si-Fu Julian and his student Si-Hing Adam Taylor, this Kung Fu Barista Program blends elements of Wing Tsun, well-being, body ergonomics, customer service, philosophy & speciality coffee knowledge.



The Kung Fu Barista Program focuses on delivering a better customer experience through improved Barista speed, coffee quality and effectiveness of delivery. Throughout the training process, feedback from Baristas has been universally positive, with numerous success stories as to how the training has improved the participants experience in the workplace. Many participants have also begun informally training other Baristas, enhancing the synergy with teams, and spreading improved skills.

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It’s so much easier to work now that I can control my space in a more effective way.”

“I’ve really noticed the changes. Even my partner has noticed how much my posture has improved.”

“I found myself using my left hand for first time today ! I was so right-handed before, I never thought it would be possible.

Measurable Results - What we've achieved

  • Barista’s improved the quality of their coffees by, on average, 8.7%, with the highest being 16%.  


  • The average speed it took to make the coffee increased by 30 seconds - the fastest being an improvement of 87 seconds.

  • Overall, the Baristas experienced an average of 54% stress reduction, with the biggest improvement being 75%.


  • The stress reduction was assessed by monitoring of each Barista's heart rate, with noted decreases of an average of 19 beats per minute, with the most significant reduction 43 beats per minute.