Terms + Conditions

Please be sure to read the following disclaimer before signing up to experience The Kwoon by Si-Fu Julian Hitch. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We kindly ask that that you read and agree to the following before joining us for any activity. Participating in any martial art, exercise or well-being class comes with a risk of injury, including injuries that may be severe, or which may affect your long-term health, or which may even lead to death in certain circumstances. Please be aware that you must take personal responsibility for your decision to participate and do so entirely at your own risk. You must always be aware of the safety of others, whether they are other participants, third party “helpers” or members of the general public, and conduct yourself accordingly. You understand and agree that Leon, Si-Fu Julian Hitch, its owners and instructors (collectively, “the Leon Kwoon”) do not accept liability for any loss or damage, or for any death or personal injury, arising out of your participation in the classes or for any other related activity, including liability as a result of negligence (except death or personal injury caused by the Leon Kwoon’s negligence).