Wellbeing Philosophy

When you train your hands, you train your brain.

To apply the tenets of Wing Tsun to business or team building makes absolute sense. As the world changes and human's adapt, so should you. Always being ahead of the game with inner harmony, self dependency, self awareness and most of all learning how to thrive instead of simply survive, especially within decision making.



Helping employees to enjoy the environment they work in through experiences, training and lively events. The idea that Leon isn't just a successful wellness corporation, but also a community of fun-loving and passionate people.


AIS Therapy

Stretching methods and tuning forks to improve mobility of people in immobile office jobs or people suffering from numerous injuries. 

Belicon UK Ambassador

Bellicon, a company that manufactures mini trampolines with enormous health benefits, such as increased endorphins and serotonin. Julian uses these in many of his martial arts trainings, but also within his private wellbeing consulatancy.


Public Speaking

Julian frequently speaks at events with companies like Well To Do and Agora Wellness about the importance of wellbeing in our daily lives.