Working with the Military, Police and Close Protection officers, Si-Fu Julian Hitch provides elite training informed by the core principles of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

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In response to the London Riots of 2011, Si-Fu Julian created a training programme that taught UK Police personnel how to control numerous people with proportional and justifiable amounts of force. This built on his previous programme which taught effective skills to subdue someone quickly, whilst minimising risk to both parties. This course provides a simple and easy framework to significantly reduce the millions of pounds of payouts through lawsuits that the UK Police currently faces each year.

This is an excellent course with great content and brilliant delivery. Si-Fu is a dedicated and skilled teacher. Police forces would benefit from this training – it far outweighs what is currently on offer in-house.
— Matt, Police Officer, Derbyshire Constabulary
This was an absolutely fantastic course, I picked up a significant amount of new techniques and information.
— Wayne, Police Officer
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Si-Fu Julian has created specialist programmes for military personnel in combat, anti-terrorist and hostage situations. Providing realistic training, soldiers maximise the chance of success in combat, whilst decreasing the risk of unnecessary violence by providing simple and effective options for escalating force. By teaching soldiers weapons retention, defence in confined spaces, knife defence and knife fighting, they can develop instinctive skills without that don't require memorisation of complicated techniques. Si-Fu Julian also created a unique S.E.R.E programme (Survive Escape Resist Evade) for specialist units, focusing on how to fight when handcuffed, fast sentry removal and how to escape police locks. 

I can’t recommend the training with Si-Fu Julian Hitch enough. It should be considered by anyone who might be confronted with hostile situations.
— Darrol, Elite Commando Unit, CQB course organiser
Best learning experience of my career. I wish I had learned these skills before I had done operations. This knowledge would have saved lives.
— Jerome, 12 years Royal Marine Commando


In 2005, Si-Fu Julian started working with close protection (body guard) services to help them enhance their skills, placing a focus on de-escalating situations and disarming potential threats. Developing an intense programme to give instinctive skills in a very short period of time, he also adapted Wing Tsun principles to create third-party defence and anti-hijacking programmes. 

I spent two days with Si-Fu on a Close Protection course. His tactics and techniques are extremely effective, and were put into practice when I was threatened with a gun while travelling abroad. I was able disarm the man and get away. It would never have been possible without this expert tuition.
— Dominick, Close Protection Officer
An excellent addition to the Close Protection course. For people like myself without close combat experience, this course has been incredibly valuable.
— Hannah, Prison Officer
I learnt more from in a few hours with Si-Fu Julian Hitch than I had in 15 years of boxing with regards to striking and combat. Simple, fluid and extremely effective. Totally changed my perspective on fighting. Outstanding instructional skills speaking from professional point of view. Si-Fu is a consummate professional himself.
— Ronnie, Royal Navy Personal Training Instructor, ex-England Boxer