The cost of your ongoing membership to The Kwoon by Si-Fu Julian Hitch is £95 per month, which includes attendance at two, two hour classes per week. The fee is payable by monthly standing order, paid on the first day of each month. This is cancellable by you at any time. You will also receive a free Wing Tsun t-shirt to train in. All training equipment, including chest protectors and Kung Fu slippers, are provided for you to use at the Kwoon. We recommend that as your training progresses, you purchase your own set.



The potential benefits of training Wing Tsun in the Kwoon are huge, but like everything in life, the benefits are personal and depends on how much you put in. Whether it is increased personal confidence, a release from work, or simply an exciting new hobby, the possibility to develop through Wing Tsun is almost limitless. Physically, students become far more self-aware, with improved coordination, dexterity, speed, power, fitness and energy levels. The AIS stretching will help increase your flexibility of movement, posture and circulation. 


THE SPACE The Kwoon was specially designed for Wing Tsun, not just in decor (with antique Chinese doors and Chinese hand painting), but in functionality. It contains the traditional Wooden Dummy, punching bags and a state of the art Focus-master, along with chest guards, Bellicon trampolines, kung fu slippers and pads for you to use. The location, right next to Oxford Circus, makes it highly accessible from across London.

THE TUITION As a high-end, bespoke training centre, we work closely with you to help you get the best out of our time together.  It is very much a personal training centre, with constant attention and correction from both Si-Fu Julian Hitch and the other teachers. You progress at a pace that suits you, whilst having a motivational environment to push yourself. You will be taught all the diverse aspects of the art including philosophy, Chinese culture, Chi-Gung, mediation and the strategies, tactics and psychology of self-defence. Two of our teachers are also native Chinese speakers allowing a deep understanding of the cultural background to the art.

YOUR TRAINING PARTNERS The Kwoon is highly unusual in that you have 12 qualified teachers training with you, enabling a very high standard and fast progression. At any given time there is normally at least 6 teachers taking part in one training session.