A kwoon (simplified Chinese: 馆; traditional Chinese: 館;) is a training hall for Chinese martial arts.


The Kwoon by Si-Fu Julian Hitch is a bespoke, high-end Wing Tsun training facility located in the heart of central London. Classes are taught in a space designed specifically by Si-Fu Julian Hitch and his team of teachers. Each member of the Kwoon receives personal tuition and correction, benefitting from being part of a small, dynamic group focused on positive engagement. The environment fosters enthusiasm and excitement about learning and developing through the ancient art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. 


Si-Fu Julian is dedicated to working with other martial artists to help bring out their best potential using the key principles of Wing Tsun.

From early on in his career, Si-Fu Julian Hitch has been a teacher of teachers, dedicated to helping other high-level martial artists excel in their field. Over the years, Si-Fu Julian has taught Black Belts of every major style, from National Champions in Kickboxing, Boxing and Judo to shoot-fighters and even Sumo wrestlers. 

In a world that has lost respect for one’s self and others and overall benevolence, your message of martial arts and the direct teachings were and are very valuable to me and I just wanted to say thank you for forging ahead with your message.
— Luke, Judo Black-Belt: National and International Competitor, Silver in National Championships
After 10 years of boxing, including 2 Army titles, to find a more effective form of punching was incredible. The fact that all the techniques can be used on the ‘street’ in a real situation as opposes to just a classroom art was great. I found the course both demanding and extremely well run. Excellent tuition backed up by with 1st class resources and training.
— Graeme, Parachute Regiment, Undefeated 2x Army National Heavyweight Boxing Champion, 52 fights, 0 losses



TUESDAY (7pm - 9pm)

Mondays evening are dedicated to Yin training, with a focus on the softer, internal and more technical aspects of the art. This includes Chi-Gung and meditation, Theory and philosophy and Wing Tsun forms and techniques.


THURSDAY (7pm - 9pm)

Thursdays are Yang training days, with a concentration on more explosive, external and high energy techniques. This includes A.I.S Stretching, punches, kicks and fighting fitness, self-defence and sparring.